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Now I’m Stressed because I’m Stressed!

baby-jpg-4Research estimates that up to 30% of infertility can be due to stress alone. That puts the individual or couple struggling with infertility in a catch 22. Now, not only are you stressed about not getting pregnant, but now you are stressed about becoming stressed about not getting pregnant.

I have lost track of the number of times women have come to me and said “if one more person tells me to relax, I’m going to lose it!” That is the reason Aesthetic Genetics was created. Our agency sets itself apart from the traditional third-party reproduction agencies in that they combat stress as the first line of defense against infertility.

Many couples throw their hands up in the air and immediately start talking egg donation or surrogacy as soon as they begin having issues. Aesthetic Genetics really tries to look at what other factors might be influencing their difficulties. We take a very holistic approach to infertility, combining foot reflexology, acupuncture, and even guided imagery. In addition to this, we offer psychological counseling to figure out what underlying issues might be at play.

Here are some tips for those individuals and couples struggling with the stress of infertility:

1) Diversify. Sometimes when we put one thing as the central focus of our life, it can become a definite source of stress and strain. Try developing interests in your daily life that distract you from the constant worries of not getting pregnant. Whatever you add, make it really enjoyable. When you start seeing that your life will still be vibrant and full whether or not you have children, you are in effect lessening your worry and stress that you won’t have children. Maybe you set a new goal to read 20 new books this year, maybe you do something really silly and learn how to play dance dance revolution. Whatever it is, make it something that you actually enjoy.

2) Move it. Although its been said before- exercise has 68 proven benefits, stress reduction being one of those. Why then, would anyone not do it? Try to aim for some sort of exercise every day. This has also been shown to help with conception including increased lubrication and immune functioning.

3) Hug it out. Many times sex becomes very mechanical when couples are trying to conceive. Try to make time for physical connection where conception is not the focus. Simple cuddling and hugging with your loved one has been shown to raise oxytocin levels, a very important hormone involved in child bearing.

4) Write it down. Keep a journal that documents your days. Observe how much of your time is being focused on infertility. As you start to follow tip 1, see how those feelings change. Our behavior has a direct influence on our feelings. Sometimes even when we don’t feel like doing something else, by just “doing it,” we can significantly improve how we feel.

5) Find a friend. Although we can influence our hormonal levels when around our partners, female companions and relationships have proven to be of great benefit. Research shows that our oxytocin and other helpful hormones’ levels are raised when around close friends. Try setting a few times a week to get together with those you hold most dear.


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